As a parent, you want to ensure your home’s environment can keep your baby safe and healthy. One way to do this is by making appointments with an HVAC company to eliminate contaminants in the air. Here are some other guidelines that will help everyone in the household sleep and feel better, including your little one.

How Can You Improve the Air Quality in Your Baby’s Room?

1. Avoid Thick Carpet & Toxic Furniture

Thick pile carpeting often attracts and houses particles like mold and dust mites, which your child can inhale. While selecting flooring for the baby’s room, go for wood, laminate, or bamboo options instead. However, if you prefer a softer surface, look for a low pile carpet and have it professionally cleaned.

As you design the nursery, look for furniture without heavy lacquers or pressed wood. Some manufacturers save on expenses by using formaldehyde, which makes a resin adhesive. Wood products made using this glue can give off a dangerous gas and affect the air your child breathes.

2. Change Your AC Air Filters

HVAC Company

Whether you use a window unit or have central AC, filters become contaminated over time and need replacement. Dust and mold particles can settle in the fibers and project into the air when the appliance is running.

Fortunately, you can prevent this issue by checking the part once a month and replacing it if it’s dirty. You can also contact an HVAC company to clean the vents or make any repairs if there’s an issue with the air conditioning.

3. Use an Air Purifier

Keep your baby’s room as clean as possible by using an air purification system in your home. This device sanitizes the atmosphere by trapping allergens and toxins before releasing the air back into the room. For optimal results, look for a purifier that uses a HEPA filter, which can remove about 99.7% of contaminants such as dust and pollen.


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