What To Expect from Ecology Air in Sacramento, CA and Surrounding Areas

What should I expect to get from an annual maintenance?

Everyone always lists some fairly vague “19 or 20” point inspection once in the spring and once in the fall. They typically include a discount on repairs (10-15%), 5-10% off of new system installations and priority service.

What they don’t tell you is that the technician coming to your house is typically the least experienced “Tech” on the roster (unless your system is 12 years or older, then you become a sales opportunity) This “Tech” is typically compensated thru “performance based pay” (commission on parts and getting you to buy a new unit) and that’s why the hard sell and maybe not the best business practices can occur.

What to expect with HVAC Maintenance

Maybe you’ve experienced the guy who spends 10-15 minutes in your attic or at your AC and then comes in with that…LOOK…on his face. Surprise, surprise, it’s in bad shape and you need a new unit.

Or they hook up there refrigerant gauges and your AC needs to be “topped off” with expensive refrigerant. Is that a fact? First of all, these are sealed systems. Imagine you go out to your car in the morning and see transmission fluid all over the garage. Would you just “top off” the fluid and believe you fixed the problem? Of course not! If your refrigerant is reading “low” or incorrect, you need to find out WHY.

A dirty filter, a coil that’s impacted with dirt, or even a collapsed duct in your attic could cause such readings. They all need to be checked before refrigerant is adjusted. IF there IS a leak it should be found, repaired, or addressed so that you’re not endlessly spending money on refrigerant.

Ok, so what have we done to address these issues? Simple.

We do NOT pay our Techs commission for parts or for selling you a new unit.

By doing this they go from a “sales” mentality to a “technician” mentality. They become focused on what’s best for you and the life of the system and not what’s best for the pay check.

We take pictures of your system before, during, and after our maintenance so you can be confident in the work performed. This includes an annual cleaning of the outdoor coil so your system operates at peak efficiency and will last as long as possible.

Not only will you receive the benefits of a thorough 20 point inspection and cleaning, you won’t have to endure a hard sell that you don’t need and definitely don’t deserve.

Priority service if your system ever fails after a maintenance. You go to the front of the line and can expect an appointment within 24-48 hours of initial contact.

Low Cost repairs.

If and when the time comes for a new system, highly competitive pricing on the highest quality systems that are built to last.

If you have questions or we can assist you in any way, please contact Ecology Air Innovations at (916) 640-9464 . We will be happy to assist you.

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