Industry studies repeatedly show that when Sacramento air conditioners receive preventive maintenance, unexpected breakdowns can be reduced by up to 95 percent. If your AC system is sending out these distress signals, schedule air conditioning maintenance, and repair now, especially if the unit hasn’t been serviced recently:

Refrigerant Leak

Without sufficient refrigerant, your air conditioner can’t produce cool air to keep your home comfortable. Refrigerant leaks can cause ice to build upon the cooling coil and the copper refrigerant lines. You will have lukewarm air coming through the vents, and your home will not cool down, but your system will continue to run.

Poor Airflow

Your air conditioner might be producing enough cold air, but the airflow is too weak to circulate it. A dirty air filter or a bad blower motor can both cause poor airflow. You might have ductwork problems, especially if cooling varies from room to room. Reduced airflow can also be caused by a failing compressor.

Noisy Operation or Unpleasant Odors

Frightful noises like banging, squealing and screeching can indicate that a part is loose or malfunctioning. Grinding sounds can be caused by damaged parts rubbing against other parts. Hissing, clicking, and buzzing can mean an electrical problem. Musty smells suggest biological growth in the unit or the ductwork. A pungent odor could be caused by burning wire.

System Won’t Turn On

A dirty filter or a dirty cooling coil can cause the unit to freeze up and prevent it from turning on. These conditions can easily be avoided with regular AC maintenance.

At Ecology Air Innovations, our service experts can quickly identify the problem and perform the required air conditioning repair. Call us at (916) 640-9464 for help with troubleshooting your system.

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