Today’s heating and cooling systems are packed with exciting new features that are better for the environment and kinder to your wallet. Thanks to intelligent electronic controls and other technological advances, new HVAC products are 40 to 60 percent more efficient than standard models from the past. If you’re in the market for a heating and cooling installation for your home in Roseville, CA, here are some of the new features that you’ll discover.

HVAC Variable Speed Motors

Variable speed motors feature special electronic controls that manipulate the electrical current to adjust the fan speed. They’re more quiet than older systems, especially at startup, and they’re more efficient. According to manufacturer data, this technology reduces power consumption by 50 to 66 percent. It also provides enhanced control over allergens and humidity.

Multi-Stage Compressors

Most high-efficiency HVAC systems feature 2-stage compressors although some top-of-the-line systems deliver fully variable heating and cooling. This technology reduces temperature swings for more consistent comfort, and it saves energy by running at maximum capacity only 5 percent of the time. Variable-speed compressors take your comfort and energy savings to the next level.

Smart Thermostats

Over the past few years, thermostats have become trendy, high-tech gadgets. Smart thermostats work with your 2-stage compressor and variable speed air handler to analyze temperature data and to select the most efficient settings. Some communicating thermostats with Wi-Fi capabilities give you the option to create a home automation network that handles everything from heating and cooling to lighting and home security.

Incentives for Heating and Cooling Installations

These are just a few of the options for modernizing your home and improving your comfort while lowering your energy bills. Because these new systems are so efficient, there may be utility rebates and tax credits as incentives to purchase them. To take advantage of the latest heating and cooling technology, view our selection of Trane HVAC systems online, or contact Ecology Air Innovations by giving us a call.

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