Here in Roseville, California, good air quality is essential, especially for those of us with allergies. Have you noticed the air quality in your home seems lower, or the temperature in the room is fluctuating? It might be time for an upgrade. Here are a few reasons why a new HVAC system can help you with your allergies and also keep money in your wallet.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Upgrading to a newer HVAC system could help keep your allergies at bay. These newer systems are able to filter air much more effectively and can keep pollen, dust, and other allergens from circulating through your home. With an upgraded HVAC, you could also add on an air purifier to help eliminate any allergens that do make it into your home.

More Control Over Room Temperatures

When you upgrade to a more efficient HVAC system, you can more effectively control the temperature in your house, keeping you and your family more comfortable. With a smart thermostat, the system can be controlled remotely from your phone or any Wifi-connected device, so while you’re at work all day, you can change the temperature to a cost-saving level while you’re gone and reset it to a comfortable level before you get home. You’ll come home to a pleasant environment instead of getting home, turning the system up, and then waiting for the room to be comfortable. You will save energy, time, and money.

Save Energy and Money

Combined with a smart thermostat, a new HVAC system will automatically save energy. Find a system with a high Energy Star rating, which uses 30% less energy, and you will save money, too.

With fluctuating temperatures and higher ragweed pollen, the Roseville area can cause your allergies to flare up. However, with higher quality air in your home, your allergies could be kept in check and your home would be a more comfortable environment. At Ecology Air Innovations, our experts can get you the right HVAC system for your needs. Call us at (916) 640-9464, and we’ll help you have a more comfortable environment for your home.

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