If you’re like most people, you plan to spend at least a few days of the summer enjoying some fun in the sun. Before you head out on your vacation, it’s important to make sure your HVAC system is in top form. If you live in or around Roseville, California, here are two things to do now to prepare your HVAC for your summer vacation.

1. Turn Up the Thermostat

If you’re leaving home for a few days, set your thermostat between 80 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep the air conditioning from kicking in and cooling an empty house. It also helps reduce wear and tear on your cooling system and saves you money. While you’re at it, you can install a programmable thermostat and set it to cool off the house just before you return home. Keep in mind it may take a few hours to bring the temperature down when you turn the system back on after a few days of rest.

2. Get a Routine HVAC System Checkup

Regular maintenance is vital to all the major appliances in your home, including your HVAC system. Have one of our qualified HVAC technicians inspect and clean your system to make sure it is in good working condition. We’ll check your thermostat, air filter, and any other moving parts for issues and help solve them before you leave on vacation so you don’t return to any unexpected problems. We’ll show you which tasks you can do on your own to help maintain your HVAC systems and which tasks need a trained professional to do the work.

When it comes to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, you want to make sure everything is in good working order. Be sure to check out these two things to do now to prepare your HVAC for your summer vacation. Contact Ecology Air Innovations to have one of our HVAC technicians take a look at your home today. Visit our website or call (916) 640-9464.

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