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What would you do if it was the middle of summer in Sacramento and your air conditioner just broke down? Don't worry. Ecology Air Innovations has been providing air conditioning repair and new system installation services in Sacramento and the surrounding area for over a decade. Before you make a decision for your AC repair, or installation, make sure you hire an experienced company that you can trust. We can fix any cooling issue; big, small, new, or old we will get your home cooling again in no time.

Below we have summarized our services. If you have questions or would like to schedule a service call, please contact Ecology Air Innovations at 916-640-9464.

Our Services Include:

Air Conditioning Repair:

If you are looking to repair your air conditioner you have come to the right place. Air conditioners break down due to various reasons. It could be poor lubrication, leaks, dust, age, electrical issues, general wear and tear, or a faulty installation. If you have an emergency and need your system repaired immediately, please give us a call and will work to fix the problem as quickly as possible. We are trained to understand your homes cooling system, no matter what make or model. We not only make sure your system is up and running again, but we help to stabilize the air conditioner so it achieves maximum performance. Click here for more information about our A/C repair services. Remember we never charge extra for nights, weekends, or holidays so don't hesitate to call whenever you need us. We will be right there!

Air Conditioning Installation:

If you are looking for a new air conditioning installation, you can count on Ecology Air Innovations. The first step is to make sure you really need to replace your air conditioning system. A lot of people are told or assume they need to replace their current air conditioning system, but it may not always be the case. Contact Ecology Air Innovations to make sure if replacing your current system is really your best option first.

If you do need an air conditioning system replacement, we have the most comprehensive training in the industry. We have extensive product training to ensure we match you with the right system for your home, at a very competitive price. We always do a full analysis to make sure you are saving every penny possible, both on your electric bill and on your install investment. Not all units are built equal or are even the same size. If you install an over sized unit, your home will not be dehumidified and will be too cold. On the other hand, if you choose an air conditioning system that is too small, it won't be able to cool your home. We make sure you don't experience such problems by doing a full heat load calculation. As for our installation process, we are the best installers in the Sacramento area and we never cut corners. Your air conditioning system is the most expensive appliance you have and we want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. That is why all of our new air conditioning systems come with a warranty and our money back guarantee. Click here for more information about our Air Conditioning installation services.

Maintenance Agreements You Can Rely On:

Why Get a Maintenance Agreement? Regular maintenance on your air conditioning and heating system can save you time and money in repairs and repair costs, not to mention extending the life of your equipment. It can also save you money on your monthly utility bills by running at optimal performance. Also, you need to know that many warranty companies require yearly maintenance on your equipment to keep your warranty valid.

At Ecology Air Innovation, we will visit your home twice a year to tune-up your air conditioning and heating system. This will ensure your HVAC system runs at peak performance regardless of the time of the year.

Heater Repair Services:

Whether your furnace has decided to quit on you at midnight or the early morning hours, we can guarantee the highest quality of installation because we the owners take the lead in every project. We are experts who have gone through certifications and extensive training in the industry. We have expertise on a variety of equipment, from gas and electric furnaces to heat pumps and propane systems. From simple repairs to complete system replacements, on any make or model, we've got you covered. Click here for more information about our heater/furnace repair services.

Heater Installation & Services:

If you are in the process of deciding whether your furnace needs a replacement, don't worry we have you covered. We take care of helping you decide what the best heating equipment will be for your specific home.

Our installation service will take care of selecting a furnace for you based on the size of your house, your budget and energy efficiency factors. We have technicians that will work with you from start to finish, making sure your repair or installation will be done in a timely manner and done right the first time.

If you are looking for heating experts for your home, we offer high quality heating services in the area. With our vast expertise on a variety of systems, our customers can rely on us to solve any heater repair or heater installation needs you may have. Click here for more information about our heater/furnace installation services.

If you have questions or we can assist you in any way, please contact Ecology Air Innovations at 916-640-9464. We will be happy to assist you.

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